Dear Members and Future Members,

Our Mayor continues to update us frequently on the COVID-19 emergency via multiple channels. We have not received any specific questions from our members, and consequently, we have decided to hold off on our video conference meeting until our administrators have completed their work to set our community up for effective mitigation measures.

Please do consult the resources for small businesses that have been shared and we will post or provide links to additional resources for small businesses as they arise.

If there is something we can do to advocate with Maplewood Township on your behalf, please let us know. As always, we count on you to help us weather this emergency as a community and will continue to support you with information and resources.

Please stay safe, follow the public health practices that will decrease the chance for contagion.  These bear repeating again: social distancing, sanitizing surfaces, washing hands frequently and avoiding coughing into your hands.

Stay safe and hopeful,

Diana Galer, President

Maplewood Chamber of Commerce