In case you missed our latest meeting at The St. James’s Gate this morning, here are the highlights.

We met with our new schools’ Superintendent, Dr. Ronald Taylor. He spoke about how ┬áthe schools can meet the physiological needs of our kids to improve their academic achievements. This and other goals will be met by making data driven and research based decisions that will be child centered. He is in the process of making improvements by meeting with all the principals and teachers in our district.

The district has taken immediate steps to improve all communications going out to the parents and the community including reinstating the Twitter account.

Teachers are getting trained on restorative practices to enable them to teach and interact with all kids from different backgrounds and abilities.

The district’s goal is to work with the business community in our towns to help kids by creating a partnership model which will entail teaching students to develop resumes, gaining interview skills through internships and shadowing. There was discussion about helping our kids to get information about trade schools as there are scholarships out there for those who are interested.

All in all it was a very informative and hopeful discussion about the future of our school district and possible interaction and connection between the students, the Chamber and local businesses.

Thanks to Dr. Taylor for joining us this morning and we look forward to having him join us at our monthly Board meetings!