I’m in, are you? WHY I’M IN; “The Chamber provides me with an excellent forum to network, learn, advocate for the business community and support other local business owners.” WHAT: “I have served this community for 20 years as a State Farm Insurance Agent. My team and I take great pride in providing outstanding service and educating our clients on home, auto, liability, life and business insurance.” WHAT IS IT ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS THAT GETS YOU UP IN THE MORNING: “What we do is important, and knowing that we are in the position to be there for our clients during very difficult times is very gratifying. We have delivered death benefits to many families after losing a loved one, we have been able to assure people that they have adequate coverage after being sued, and provided payments to allow for rebuilding homes after sustaining devastating fire or other catastrophic loss. Knowing that we are helping our clients prepare for the unexpected keeps us motivated every day!” WHO: Christine Coster, Agent for State Farm Insurance working with individuals, families and businesses throughout NJ.

Produced by & Art Direction by Patricia Sanchez of @nicekern Design Studio
Photographs by @juliamaloofverderosa @ Maplewood, New Jersey